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    Valoraz Sdn Bhd (VSB) was incorporated in 2010 as a supply and services
    company. Having served the energy and power market in various areas
    since, VSB had grown and the experience gained has formed the company
    to be more efficient and competent to promote positive client experience.

    With the belief of developing staff talent through empowerment and
    independence, the people in VSB had been able to face challenges in
    the market thus strengthening the company as it progresses forward.

    With the growing positive attributes of the company, we aspire to be the
    company of choice by employees, client and stakeholders.
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    A Technology Excellence Company of Choice


    Continuous Improvement Towards Competency & Operational Excellence
  • Cook
    Your Source for Optimum Compressor Performance
    Supplies an array of high-quality compressor components, including
    valves, packing rings, piston rings, rider bands, oil wipers, piston rods,
    pistons, packing cases, cylinders and liners. Also provides services
    and systems to install, control, monitor, maintain and repair them.
    Uniquely qualified to deliver the engineering support, services and
    products for compressors need.
    Application in refining, petrochemical, gas gathering and processing,
    pipelines, air separation, and chemical and industrial operations.
  • WindRock
    Windrock specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution
    of online monitoring systems and portable analyzers, software, sensors,
    and technical services for reciprocating engines, compressors and
    rotating machinery.

    We are present in multiple industries worldwide, including: refining,
    gas transmission, gas and oil field production/gathering, power
    generation, marine propulsion, mining and other industrial

    For an evaluation of your monitoring and diagnostics needs,
    please contact us.
  • Teer Valve
    Design & manufacturing valves for different application
    in petroleum and gas industries.
    Conforms to API 6A, 6D & 600 standards.
    Gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves,
    butterfly valves as well as custom-made valves according
    to requirements & applications.
    Used in various conditions & environment such as in
    low / high temperature, high pressure, subsea, cryogenic,
    fire-proof etc.
  • Fluoroseal
    Specialize in the manufacturing and servicing of
    a full range of industrial and custom valves.
    - Sleeved Plug Valves, Severe Service (FE) Plug Valves,
    Special Service Plug Valves, Lined Plug Valves,
    HF Alkylation Plug Valves
    - Lined Ball Valves, Cast Floating Ball Valves,
    API 6D 3 Piece Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves,
    API 6D 2 Piece Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
    - Lined Butterfly Valves, High Performance Butterfly Valves
    - Pneumatic Actuators, Override Gear Operator,
    Diaphragm Actuator
  • Boulden
    DuPontTM Vespel® CR-6100 is a composite material of TeflonTM PFA
    and long carbon fibers.
    Vespel® CR-6100 is recognized in the 11th Edition of API610/ISO13709
    standard for Centrifugal Pumps in Table H.3 Non-Metallic Wear Part
    Materials under the description of “PFA/CF reinforced composite.”
    Eliminate metal to metal contact between stationary & rotating parts.
    Clearance can be reduced, hence reducing internal pump recirculation
    and increasing hydraulic radial force on the rotor.

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Over the years, Valoraz Sdn Bhd (VSB) has served its clients in the oil &, power and general industries for various product and services. Focus had been on its business revolving around the reciprocating compressors and engine by offering supply of parts and services. Nonetheless, with the sourcing capability of its staff, VSB had successfully handled various types of supply and services works.

This had earned VSB the trust with some product principals that had given the right to represent their products in Malaysia. In the aim of creating its own identity as an engineering company, VSB is now setting its sights to offer more services in the line of mechanical work and electrical works, which would also include project management and training.

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